May 12, 2020 Election

Because of the COVID-19, voters in Town of Lincoln are strongly urged to vote absentee for the May 12, 2020 Special Election for Partisan Office.


If you have Internet access, go to MY Vote Wisconsin, look for the “Vote Absentee” button near the top of the page, there is a 3 step process that starts with entering your Name and Date of Birth, followed by Requesting your Ballot. If you don’t already have a Photo ID on file, you can upload a copy. Absentee ballots submitted this way go directly to the clerk. Voters can also request absentee ballots by contacting or emailing the clerk. These requests must be accompanied by a copy of your Photo ID. Deadline for requesting an absentee ballot to be mailed to you , is the Thursday before the Election, May 7, 2020. Any questions please contact Kathleen Altmann-Drinka/Clerk 715-384-2574.