1981-3    Ordinance Regarding Bonding of Town Treasurer (formerly Ord. No. 1)
1988-1    Ordinance Increasing Number of Town Supervisors (formerly Ord. No. 2)
1988-2    Ordinance Establishing Speed Zones on Mill Creek Drive and West Ives Road (formerly Ord. No. 3)
1989-1    Ordinance to Ratify Repeal of the Zoning Ordinance Dated January 9, 1980
1989-4    Fire Protection Ordinance (formerly Ord. No. 6)
1990-2    Ordinance for the Adoption of a Code of Ordinances (formerly Ord. No. 4)
1990-3    Ordinance Prohibiting Landspreading of Liquid Waste from Roadways (formerly Ord. No. 10)
1990-4    Subdivision Ordinance (formerly Ord. No. 9)
2009-1    Recycling and Sanitation Ordinance (formerly Code 109)
2009-2    Fire Department Volunteer Funds Ordinance (formerly Code 209)
2011-1    Ordinance Banning Nude Dancing in Bars
2011-2    Ordinance Requiring Non-Delinquency as Condition for Obtaining Liquor License
2011-3    Alcoholic Beverage Licenses - Quotas & Fees
2011-4    Ward Division & Designation of Polling Place(s)
2011-5    Zoning Ordinance
2012-01  Ordinance to Extend Town Officer Terms In Response to Election Law Changes
2014-01  Ordinance to Opt-In for Category B - IOHs to Comply with the Table of Statutory Weight Limits under Sec. 348.15(3)(g)
2015-01  Ordinance to Establish Procedures and Criteria for Allowing Alternative Forms of Sworn Testimony at Board of Review (BOR) Hearings
2015-03  Ordinance to Regulate Dogs
2018-01  Ordinance for Alternative Claims Procedure
2018-02  Road Ordinance
2019-01  Ordinance to Adopt the Wisconsin Municipal Records Schedule
2019-02  Ordinance Authorizing Alternative Claims Procedure
2019-03  Ordinance Adopting the Town of Lincoln Comprehensive Plan -2019
2020-01  Ordinance Requiring Payment of Local Claims as Condition of Obtaining or Renewing Town-Issued Licenses or Permits
2021-01  ATV/UTV Ordinance (Superseded by 2022-01)
2021-02  Provisional Liquor License Ordinance
2022-01  ATV/UTV Ordinance
2022-02  Ordinance Establishing Fire Protection, Charges and Regulation of Burning